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When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

December 31, 2021 2:41 am
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If you’re experiencing excruciating, throbbing tooth pain every time you bite, coupled with increased general sensitivity, you might have an infected tooth. And the best way to treat an infected tooth is with root canal therapy.

But how do you know it’s time for a root canal? In this blog post, we take a look at the signs and symptoms you should watch for and give an overview of the root canal therapy procedure here at River City Dental.

Warning Signs of a Tooth Infection

When a cavity is left untreated or your tooth is damaged and an infection develops, it’ll spread to the pulp. The pulp is the innermost tissue of your tooth. Sometimes an abscess will form in this area or around the gumline, which can eventually spread deeper into the bone and result in tooth loss.

If you have an infected tooth, you might experience:

  • Extreme toothache
  • Increased sensitivity, especially when exposed to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swollen gums or lymph nodes
  • Bad breath or bad taste in your mouth
  • Abscess near tooth
  • Fever

How to Handle a Tooth Infection

If you think you have an infected tooth, reach out to your dentist right away for an appointment. It’s better to catch an infection in its early stages rather than when you might be at risk of losing your tooth.

Your dentist will help determine if you have any signs of infection or decay. Perhaps you simply have a cavity and all you need is a filling to fix it up. But if the infection has already spread down to the pulp of your tooth, you’ll need a root canal.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a virtually painless procedure. During your root canal, your dentist will numb the affected area so you will feel comfortable during your treatment. They will then drill a small hole into your tooth to access and drain the infected tissue. They’ll remove the damaged pulp and fill the area with gutta percha, a soft substance that acts like a pulp replacement. You’ll then receive a filling or a crown to protect and strengthen your tooth.

Affordable Root Canal Therapy in Fort Smith, AR

Don’t let an infected tooth negatively affect your quality of life any longer! Contact us right away so we can help you find the relief you need. We’ll work with you to make your treatment plan affordable too. If this is your first visit with us, fill out your new patient forms online to get a head start. We look forward to your visit!