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Understanding Stress and Oral Health

February 15, 2024 9:00 am
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Did you know that the stress you experience in your daily life can also affect your oral health? It’s true! Managing stress is not just good for your peace of mind; it’s crucial for protecting your mouth from potential harm. Let’s explore how stress impacts your oral health and what you can do about it.

Bruxism: The Grind and Clench Issue

Ever wake up with a sore jaw or a headache? That could be bruxism, or grinding your teeth, usually while you’re asleep. This habit can wear down your teeth, cause sensitivity, and even lead to painful jaw disorders. It’s a sneaky stress-related problem that can do a lot of damage without you even realizing it. A custom nightguard can help prevent your teeth from wear and tear, and alleviate jaw pain.

Gum Disease and Stress

Stress isn’t just a mental thing; it can weaken your body’s defenses, including your gums. When you’re stressed, you’re more likely to get gum infections and inflammation. Keeping an eye on your gum health during stressful times is super important.

When Stress Leads to Neglected Teeth

It’s easy to let things slide when you’re stressed, including your oral hygiene. Skipping brushing and flossing, coupled with stress-induced habits like smoking or eating more sweets, can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Remember, a little care every day goes a long way in keeping your teeth healthy!

The Lowdown on Canker and Cold Sores

Ever get those annoying sores in your mouth or around your lips when you’re stressed? Those are canker and cold sores, and stress can make them pop up more often. They’re painful and can be a real nuisance when you’re trying to eat or talk. Rinse with a warm saltwater rinse (1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup warm water) and use Orajel or Orabase for pain relief.

Stress-Free Dentistry in Fort Smith, AR

Dealing with stress is a big part of maintaining good oral health. Try stress-busting activities like exercise or meditation, and don’t forget about regular dental check-ups. If you’re in Fort Smith, AR, and looking for a dental team that understands the importance of stress-free care, River City Dental Family Care is here for you. We can schedule an appointment to keep you and your family smiling, stress-free!