Illustration of a tooth receiving root canal therapy to treat an infection

How Long Do Root Canals Take?

December 31, 2022 9:31 pm
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A root canal is one of those things that patients either never want to have, or at least hope to get done as quickly as possible so that they can go about their life. We understand that our patients desire to spend as little time in the dental chair as possible so they can enjoy more time at home, socializing, working, pursuing their hobbies, and having fun! But sometimes root canal therapy is necessary to maintain your quality of life.

Unfortunately, root canals have received an unfairly bad rap over the years. If you’re preparing to get a root canal, then here’s what you can expect to happen during the procedure.

The Timing of a Root Canal Procedure

On average, root canal treatment lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. Sometimes, however, it can take up to 90 minutes. The more complex the case, the longer the procedure takes. By complex, we mean how far the infection has spread, how many tooth roots are involved, and how that specific patient’s root canal anatomy looks in terms of its various nerve branches and other features.

What Does Root Canal Treatment Look Like?

Your dental team will apply local anesthesia to the area so you don’t feel pain during the treatment. Then, they will make a small opening in the infected tooth, remove all of the inflamed pulp inside, and clean and shape the tooth’s root canals. To finish things up, the dental team will fill in the root canals, seal the tooth, and add a dental restoration like a dental crown.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Fort Smith, AR

River City Dental provides gentle root canal therapy at our Fort Smith dental practice. Our team is experienced in treating both simple and complex cases. If you’re experiencing any tooth pain or issues, please schedule a consultation at our office so we can evaluate your teeth and determine what your next steps should be.


Root canal treatment image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0