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State-of-the-Art Dental Technology: How It Can Help You

January 22, 2024 9:00 am
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Ever wondered what modern dentistry looks like? Spoiler alert: it’s not your grandpa’s drill and pliers! Today’s dentistry is all about combining care with cutting-edge technology. At our clinic, we’re not just using technology; we’re embracing it to make your dental experience something you might actually look forward to.

Early Detection: Playing Dental Detective

Gone are the days of guesswork in dentistry. With our advanced diagnostic tools, like digital X-rays, we’re like detectives, uncovering the hidden secrets of your oral health. At River City Dental, we also have Diagnodent cavity detection technology which uses laser fluorescence to identify tooth decay quickly and effectively and the Identafi® system for detecting oral cancer in its early stages. Meanwhile, our K7 Evaluation system allows us to diagnose TMJ issues in real time, customizing your treatment plan. These tools allow us to spot pesky problems early on, crafting treatment plans that are as precise as a surgeon’s scalpel. Less invasive, more insightful – that’s how we roll.

Increased Comfort, Speed, and Accuracy: The Dental Trifecta

Think of our dental technology as the superhero trio of comfort, speed, and accuracy. Laser gum therapy? It’s our high-tech way to minimize discomfort and enhance healing. With digital X-rays and on site panoramic imaging, we dive deep into dental diagnostics at lightning speed, ensuring detailed views with miniscule radiation. With the Identafi® system, we’re able to spot signs of oral cancer not visible to the naked eye, enabling early and more effective treatment. For our patients with TMJ, the TENS TMJ Treatment is a game-changer, offering relief and healing through nerve stimulation therapy, all without the need for surgery. Each piece of technology we employ is chosen with one goal in mind: to ensure your dental visit is as efficient, accurate, and comfortable as possible. Who knew a visit to the dentist could feel like a peek into the future?

Enhancing Patient Education: Knowledge is Power!

Let’s face it – dental jargon can be as confusing as a foreign language. But fear not! Our use of intraoral cameras and live imaging makes understanding your oral health as easy as watching a Netflix documentary. We show you what’s happening in your mouth in real-time, transforming those confusing terms into clear, understandable visuals. It’s like having a dental translator at your service!

Modern, Comprehensive Dentistry: Not Just a Trend!

In Fort Smith, AR, we’re not just following dental trends; we’re setting them. Our state-of-the-art dental technology is more than gadgets and gizmos – it’s a promise of efficient, comfortable, and transparent dental care. Ready to experience the future of dentistry? Call River City Dental Family Care and book your dental visit today!